Free, Private, and Secure online gif reversal software

The Software

built on Node.js with a Next.js web interface, enables users to reverse the playback of GIF files. By uploading GIFs, users can effortlessly process and obtain the reversed versions, creating captivating visual effects and enhancing the creativity of their animated content.

Using Open Source Software

Leveraging the power of FFmpeg Web Assembly (WASM), empowers users to perform video processing directly
in your web browsers. This seamless integration boosts performance
and efficiency, allowing for smoother video operations without the need
for external software or server-side processing.

User-friendly Design

The web interface is designed to be easy to use, responsive, and pleasing to the eye. You don’t need to be an expert to figure it out and start reversing your GIFs effortlessly.

Always Private and Secure

 Operating locally on your web browser with Web Assembly, it ensures your GIFs never leave your computer. With no data collection, we prioritize safeguarding your privacy. Create reverse GIFs worry-free, knowing your content remains solely in your hands. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Core Technology

NodeJs provide great flexibility and speed when deploying web apps. NodeJs provides us a web front-end using nextJS and a few frameworks make all the magic happen.

WebAssembly icon

Web Assembly also known as WASM is the center of this software. It enables us to use non JavaScript code on the web.

FFmpeg provides us with the video manipulation tools to reverse your gifs. WASM enables us to run FFmpeg locally on your browser.