About Me:

From a young age, my fascination with computers and technology has driven me to explore and innovate. Whether it’s the ability to connect people worldwide or the endless possibilities of modern tech, I find inspiration in every aspect.

My journey began with freelance in-home computer repairs and evolved into a lead systems administrator role for an investment organization. Today, I leverage my diverse skills to spearhead projects aimed at making a positive global impact, continuously seeking opportunities to learn and grow.

My Software


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Auto-updating event display software

Stay on top of every room’s status thanks to Schedulr. Its easy-to-use interface gives you a complete overview of every reservation/event, keeping guests informed at all times.

Schedulr automatically gathers events from a standard calendar source, guaranteeing your calendar is always up-to-date.


Domain, DNS, and Firewall Management

Integrate your VPS Prodivder, Cloud DNS Provider, and Cloud Firewall Provider all in one Control Panel.

Cloud based Twitter waterfall

Showcase your associates tweets in an elegant way.

This web app enables you to display a custom Twitter feed using a list of users you select.

Free Reverse Gifs For All

Easily upload any of your gifs to get a nearly instant reverse gif!


Professional IT Consulting & Managed Web Hosting Services

Azure AD Microsoft 365 Google Workspace Server Maintenance Managed WordPress Hosting

True Hooligan Entertainment

Audio and Video Production, Editing, Mixing Etc…

Long Term Projects

Chicago Walk Tour:

A community powered tour guide hub for the masses.

Planting Without Soil:

Soilless planting blog and resource center.