Manage all your domains and DNS records in one place.

Why Dominar?

I was tired of logging into multiple website to manage my domains and DNS records and forgetting when my domains renewed and hitting my credit card unexpectedly.

That’s why I am creating Dominar. A single app to manage everything. Keep reading to learn about the planned features.

All your domains from multiple sources

Integrate with any registrar to manage your domains. Buy, Modify, Transfer all in one place.

  • See All your domains
  • Manage your Name Server settings
  • Buy Domains

Manage your DNS Records

Integrate with DNS services such as Digital Ocean and AWS Route 53 to manage all of you domains DNS records.

  • View and Edit all your domains DNS records
  • Create new Domains for DNS services
  • Bulk updates DNS records

Monitor your SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate monitoring to verify your site is always secure and available.

  • Monitor Certificate Expiration
  • Get alerts when Certificates are about to expire
  • Add Expiration dates to Google Calendar

Get Reminder When your Domains Expire

Automatic google calendar events to remind you about Domain Expiration. Never Lose a Domain again.

  • Automated Google Calendar Events
  • Domain Expiration Motoring

Easy Configs

Automatic google workspace, Vercel, and name server configuration

  • ┬áSetup your google workspace MX records easily.
  • Setup your domain for Vercel apps.
  • Automatically point to preferred name servers.

Core Technology

A strong nodejs base to backup the softwares demands

NoSQL technology to ease api deployment process and store your domains and configs

Small compute footprint using functions as a service we only process data when you login and when data manipulation is triggered.

Using AES-256 end-to-end encryption you can rest assured your data will remain safe from data breaches and more.